Sunday, December 20, 2009

Craft Show Over/recipe

Well my craft show went pretty good considering that hardly anyone came. : (
It rained and rained all day, non stop. For awhile it poured so hard I thought the roof was going to fall down on us! There were a few unhappy Vendors.

This normally is a big event with a great turnout. Last time I sold everything!

Like I said I did really good. I made back my costs..booth,supplies and had extra shopping money. I was happy with the final results. Even my 11 year old granddaughter did well, she sold a few of her handmade bracelets. She then went shopping (around the craft show) for christmas gifts and a few things for herself. She was happy. :)

I sold all but 3 of my wine bottle stoppers...I brought 12 with me. They went pretty quick. Sold almost all of my handpainted ornaments and large clothes pin clips.

I also have 7 orders, they were easy- peasy, got them done in time.
I was asked to attend two shows this spring. Hmmmm must think about that....... Shows are know.....aacckk!

Now I am sitting here with a sinus and gland infection and laryngitus! On antibiotics and hopefully will be better by Christmas Day! I sound like I swallowed a mouse.... squeek squeek!

Here is a recipe from Susans Scrapbook Shack on Facebook and her blog

Spicy Goldfish Snack

18 oz Pepperidge Farm Goldfish
1 cup vegetable oil
1 pkg Ranch dressing mix
1 Tbsp Dill Weed
8-10 sprinkles lemon pepper
8-10 sprinkles red pepper flakes

Mix all together well in large rectangle pan. Stir frequently, letting sit out overnight. Store in tin.
Recipe courtesy of Brandi Hagli~



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