Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ha! ha! I am still sorting Moonstones, jade, sea glass and other stones. I washed them first, laid them out on a tray than as I walk by I sort. I feel like I am doing a jig saw sits there and you work on it for awhile than on to something else. There are some pretty stones in there!! I am putting alike stones in jars and sea glass in a separate jar. Actually it is relaxing in a way....

Artfire has given us options to set up our shop pages. It is nice. It is like creating your own web page or blog page.. I worked on it a little yesterday. I plan on changing my banner but it will do for now. I choose green for my background color but will probably change that too. LOL It even allows you to put widgets from your etsy or whatever other shops you may have. You can see what I am talking about on my homepage

Todays featured shop from Artfire is ChantillyLace. She has a lot of pretty items in her shop. Hair accesories, jewelry. She works with pearls, lace and fabrics. A lot of vintage items used in her work. you can click on the link to see her shop/items. If you cant click on the link try this one. I know you will enjoy looking around her shop.

Have a great evening ! Until next time

Monday, May 25, 2009

Moonstone Beach, Cambria, Calif.

Cambria : distinctive shops, art galleries and walking trails along Moonstone Beach.

We live just south of this small coastal town. It is a nice relaxing place to go for the day or weekend. On Sunday my daughter, granddaughters and 2 friends of ours decided to take a drive to Cambria and go to Moonstone Beach to collect Moonstones, Jade and Beach Glass.. which covers the entire beach area. No sand just these small stones everywhere! Moonstone Beach has a nice park with playground and swimming pool and then just beyond that is the beach. Not too far of a walk.

We brought along our buckets and shovels and started searching. Next time we will bring sifters, even though all the rocks were pretty we only wanted the jade, moonstones and beach glass.

The moonstones were clear and shimmered in the light. So pretty. The story I heard is that at night when the moon shines on these stones they shimmer and sparkle along the shoreline. Hmm.. that gives me an idea.. good excuse to rent a room at the Moonstone Inn which sits right on the beach!

The jade came in a variety of sizes and different shades of green. So pretty. All you could hear was "OOHH"AHHH" or "Gramma look at this one".So much fun!!!

The white rocks you see in the pictures are actually the clear moonstones. We only found the white to off white and clear stones. I have heard that some are blue but maybe not in this region.

We had such a wonderful relaxing day.

My daughter and her two little ones decided to walk further towards the cliff and found tons of beach glass. They also discovered the high tide and big waves. LOL they came back with a few piecesof glass and soaking wet! GOOD THING WE BROUGHT A CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR EVERYONE!
The beach glass was smooth and frosty looking almost like a stone. It wasnt the warmest of days so they were wet and cold and in our excitement..we forgot to take a picture of the beach glass!!

Will have to remember to do that later.

We ended the day just sitting in the sun and deciding what we can make with our stones and glass..

What a great day we all had!

Cant wait to go back!!

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baked artichokes...

My family and I love artichokes.
We live near a few artichoke fields so when we buy from the local Farmers Market or Roadside Stand we get really big artichokes for a great price. I usually boil them ,then we dip the leaves in butter or mayonaisse then eat till nothing left except the fuzzy stuff and scraped leaves!
That is our favorite( and only) way to eat them. Very easy and delicious.
Before boiling... I wash them, cut off the top portion and then with scissors cut the points off the leaves all around then I cut off the stem and rinse them really well.
A few years ago a friend said she always stuffs them with macaroni and cheese, we tried it but went back to the boiled method.
I love cookbooks, collecting and sharing recipes. The other day I found a recipe to bake artichokes ..hmmm sounds good.... Nope... Awful. Not the same. Plus it was a lot of work!
My husband and I decided that we will stick to the boiled method!

Artfire Crazy Train is featuring She has a nice variety of items in her shop from girly to gothic. Whatever suits your taste. I like the switch plate cover with roses, very girly and very pretty. Click on the link to see her items.

The sun is out so I am going to go outside and get some vitamin D!!!
until next time..............

Friday, May 15, 2009

Bright idea!!

Today I spent most of the day in my craftroom working with polymer clay. I then had this bright idea and it was a good idea. I made it, baked it, let it cool and .....I broke it!!! Yup broke it in three places!!! ACCKKKKKKKK!!

So now, do I try again? Make it thicker? It really is a good idea. I think I will try making it again.

I did get a few other items done. Here is an Incense Burner. Back to the craft room to try again...

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

been awhile

Well it has been a few days since I blogged. I have been busy with one thing or another. At first I thought this week would be slow, nothing marked on the calendar, no set plans etc. Good week for just "me " time
Ha.!!!. One appointment after another, then a few "mom can you" phone calls and its only Wednesday!!! Well maybe tomorrow I will not answer the phone (yeah right).
Over at Artfire the Crazy Train is chuggling along.
We have this cute crochet soapbag

You will find more at her shop

Then over on
The artists says:
"Always Get Too For One. Buy an item. Shop for another item OR ITEMS that equal the purchase price. Pay the shipping price ONLY if it weighs more than 13 oz. That's it. Have fun shopping! This is where you will find all my destash, and stuff that doesn't fit in my Alisun's Custom Crafted Jewelry store ("

At you will find some pendants, rings, and other unique items made from polymer clay.
Here is an example

Who knows?? Maybe you'll find that certain item you were looking for!!!

I think I will go and get some "me "time before the phone rings!! LOL

Until next time,
Hermy ( Craftnique)

Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Uncle, Jack Martin

Yesterday my Uncle Jack passed away. He died in his sleep which we all say "he died doing what he loved the most...napping."

He lived in West Virginia . He was my dads younger brother.I was fortunate enough to visit my dads side of the family every summer growing up and made a couple of visits as an adult. I have many wonderful happy memories of visiting Grandpa's farm and my relatives. My uncle was the last of my dads family to go.( Aunt, 2 uncles & my dad) (My dad died in 1994 of Lou Gerrigs disease or medically known as ALS). So... that family Chapter is now gone.

Uncle Jack was everybody's favorite. Loving, kind, a gentle giant. All the Martin girls from my older sister to my second cousins...we all were going to marry Uncle Jack.

The last few months he wasnt well and had some medical problems, I had planned on calling him today. I am going to my moms house and we had talked about calling him. She wanted to see how his Dr appt went and just to say hello.

I live near Vandenberg Air Force Base so whenever a rocket or missile goes up I try to get a picture of the event and send it to him, he loved that. Tuesday a Delta Rocket went up. I heard it rumbling, grabbed my camera and ran outside but the rocket had already disappeared . I did get some cool pictures and planned on sending them to Uncle Jack. Now they sit in my computer.
I decided I will post them here in honor of my wonderful sweet uncle. I will miss him. God Bless You Uncle Jack.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good sunday

Hi folks! Today I am finishing a few items that I started yesterday. My polymer clay and copper necklace. Also this bag hanger. Fits on a bar or table top so you can hang your purse.
I have also been working with gourds and polymer clay. I also made a few jewelry items for gifts. Always feels good when I get a few things done.

I have small gourds and tried to think what I could make other than the ususal ornament. I came up with a neat idea. It is baking in the oven but when I get it done I will post a picture. So stay tuned!! LOL

I hope to get a few items listed on and Probably wont get to it until this evening.

I should do it now but..... my gourd and polymer clay is baking.......

Over on Artfire the crazy train is still tootin along. Today is JanelsonArts . She does some beautiful lampwork. It amazes me how that works. All the shapes, colors and design just blend together by an artists skillful hand. There are quite a few that I like, I could fill this whole blog with pictures from her shop. Go and take a look