Friday, February 27, 2009

our mountain

My sister and brother in law are visiting from Reno. Sure is good to see them again. I miss living near by like we did years ago. We all lived in San Jose, Calif. We moved South they moved North. Thank goodness for phones and email!!! Seeing each other in person is so much better though.

They are staying at my mom and stepdads about 20 miles east of here. On or way to my moms house is this mountain. I just love it, it is so pretty. When my youngest was little he would say "there's our mountain". It is still "our mountain"and he is 23! I took a picture of it the other day . It is on Santa Rosa Road but this is the view from Hiway 246.

On our way home going West the sun was setting and I took this picture.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little bit...

I did get some more sorting done in the craft room. I am amazed at all the "stuff" I had. What I decided to get rid of, I am planning to donate it to a local Senior Center. They need craft items. This way I wont feel too bad about parting with my "stuff" and it will be put to good use. Better than sitting in my closet or drawers.

Last month I got a new sewing machine. My other one was old and useless. I used my new machine once. Then today I needed to use it and guess what? It didnt work!! The Bobbin thread kept getting tangled, it wouldnt move and the digital display said " error... thread tangled"( Duh!). I did what the manual said to do...twice and it still didnt work. So tomorrow I will put it back in the box, I still have the reciept and I am taking it back!! So bummed. : (

We Love Artfire has a "Babyboomers Club" I was asked to join the other day. I looked it over, liked what I saw and decided to join. What is really nice about it is.......there are a lot of us "babyboomers" out there. So far we have 47 members!!
You can take a look at

It is getting late so I will sign off for now.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Slow Day but a Good day

Our kitchen faucet had a bad leak, had to turn off the water for awhile. Finally got it fixed and a new faucet! Boy, habits are hard to break. All day I would go to the sink for water and then's turned off. Like when the power goes out and you try to turn on the lights!!!

I finished a few items to put in my shops etsy and artfire.

I made a round wine bottle stopper and matching wine glass charms. I used Polymer Clay and mixed green and translucent with a small amount of brown to mimic jade. Now that it is done...It looks like a big round lime!!! What do you think?Oh well it looks ok. It is a bit lighterin "person" than my picture and my camera flashed a few dots on the front. I have more pictures of it on
I tried to sort through some of my "stuff" last night. You know get rid of what I dont use....yeah right. I barely made a dent in my craft room. I will try again tonight but I believe it is hopeless. I have a hard time parting with my craft "stuff" You just never know when you need it. I found a few things that I havent used in a very long time but....I just couldnt let it go. I hope I am not the only one with this "problem". While typing this I realized I really dont want to go in there and instead....I think I will paint....oh yeah! I feel much better now.

Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow there is a big storm coming in. We have had rain on and off but this one is REALLY pouring. I took a picture out my back window just before it hit.This is west of my house, just over the mountain is the coast, Surf Beach and Vandenberg AFB I knew something was up because the birds were flying all over the place , and very fast! When it hit it rained so hard you couldnt see anything. Now it is tapering off. A good day to work on some crafts

I am almost done with a gourd that I am working on. AND..I have a few other things that I am finishing.

My crafting friend from Creative Home Arts Club has asked me to join facebook. I did and I am enjoying it so far. Cathy has some nice items at Catmacdesigns.etsy. Go and take a look.
Well off to my craft room.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Finally I did it

I have been trying to get that Glass look with Polymer Clay. I have tried using liquid Polymer clay but it always came out foggy and yuck!. Then I read in a book to use Donna Kato Clear Liquid Polymer Clay. So I bought some online and tried it. IT WORKED!! I am happy. It is the best Liquid Polymer Clay and believe me I tried them all.
It is my first try but I am pretty happy with it.
I am also working on gourds...painting and then will add beads and "leather" which is actually polymer clay... and making candles. Nothing like multi tasking!!!
Well I am off to multitasking so see you later.......

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walking and walking and walking...

I usually walk around the neighborhood on nice days, I dont walk on cold and windy rainy days. So... we bought a treadmill and yes it is great, I do "feel" it afterwards and it is nice to read my pulse rate,how many steps, miles etc. It is convenient but....It is boring. I couldnt stop to pick up that rock that I might want to paint on, I couldnt pick the flower that I could put in my flower press or pick up that big leaf on the ground. So my choice is.. A quick 30 minute walk or a slow pace 30 minute forgot to bring a bag to carry my stuff in walk. HMM. Well at least I have a choice! LOL

I joined 2 Guilds on Artfire. I am really excited about it. I have never been in a Guild. One Guild is WEST COAST CRAFTERS and the other is ARTFIRE GOURD ARTIST'S GUILD. Very interesting. They are both new Guilds. Stop on by and check them out at

Went to my second art class last night. Boy did we have fun. We painted rosebuds and daisies.
It is so fun to see the results of everyones work. We all did good!! Our teacher (Katie Costa) will sit down at a table and demonstrate, we all sit or stand and watch. The "secret" is to have her demonstrate on your project, then you take it home and can see how to do it!!! Ahh but Katie is getting wise to us painters, she now demonstrates on paper or cardboard. She wants us to learn and to practice. Here is a practice painting. Open up an empty cereal box and practice on the inside. The surface is perfect for painting, drawing etc. Plus you are recycling.
Ok I am off to practice my rose buds and daisies.
I put some new stuff (and will be adding more hopefully in a day or two) in my shops. Check them out at and
until next time...