Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to class

Well tonight I go back to my Tole painting class.I cant wait to see what we will be painting this quarter. I go for the motivation, getting together with friends and I always learn something new. I usually attend the Winter and Spring Quarters.

A long time ago in elementary school I was told by a teacher that I cant paint. So I didnt paint.

Our local college offers free classes. I kept thinking I should try but then I would remember what the teacher told me so long ago...I didnt sign up. Then in 1998 a friend and I decided to sign up together. My first class I told the teacher, Katie Costa "I cant paint like that" She said "yes you can". She said "Its like writing with a pencil the first time. You have to practice, practice practice".
I love to paint. Not only did I find something I enjoy doing I also found out that I can paint.
I enjoy this class so much. I have made some great friends.

It takes a great teacher like Katie to remind you "yes you can".

The snowman picture was from my first quarter of Tole Painting Class. I display him every Christmas.

Now I better go and check to see if I have all my art supplies ready for class.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

who am I?

January 24, 2009

I am originally a city girl from Northern California. My husband and I took our children and moved to this small coastal town in Central California 22 years ago. It took me awhile to get use to the slower pace but now I love it.

I have always been one to create/craft things. I like making things with my hands. Starting with nothing and then the final result...I love it. I have many interests. I cant stick with just one. I like to paint, sew, work with polymer clay, paper, jewelery etc. etc.

Recycle....been doing that all my life. My (German) mom, oma and my grandparents on my dads side taught me to reuse what you have. I made a lot of stuff with used cans, paper rolls, glass jars, sticks... LOL I wonder where they are now?

The Internet...interesting
I joined a craft Club, ( Creative Home Arts Club) a few years ago. I got on the Bulletin Boards and made many good friends on there. We share information, ideas and our lives. It is a fun group. We come from all over the States, Canada and all ages. We all inspire, motivate, and just are there for each other.From there I learned about a place to sell Handmade Products. Its called Etsy. While on Etsy I learned about another site that is still in Beta to sell handmade, its called Artfire. While on Etsy I also learned about MyCraft, its like MySpace( yes I have a MySpace too) only more for the crafter. I love that site too..

I opened a shop on Etsy and then on Artfire. Now my craft "studio" looks like.. well if you are a crafter then you know what it looks like. Thank goodness I have a door.

Here are the links to my shops. and

I will end this for now. Stay tuned for more. Always check back. In the meantime
Have a Great Day