Saturday, April 25, 2009

crazy train rolling along

Yes the crazy train just keeps on chugging. Over on Artfire we have a long list of conductors . It is all on an honor system but from what I see, hear and read on the forums pretty much everyone is doing thier part in some way to help promote the shop of the day. Besides, it is fun.

Todays shop is

Here is what she says in her bio on Artfire
Artisan's Bio:I have been beading since 1990. We also do other NA crafts. My husband and I set up at Powwows and Flea Markets to sell my crafts and Vintage Native American Jewelry. We also sell on Ebay. under the name of Wooleycreek. I am disabled and spend most of my time doing things I can sit at the table to work on. Beadwork helps pass the time when I can't walk!

She does some awesome work. Besides beadwork she also makes moccasins, take a look at these. They look so comfy.

Her jewelry is beautiful. Stop on by her shop and take a look.

I aquired some stained glass awhile back so I think I will try to make a few items and see what happens. Today I feel like mosaics or candle holders or...............................

Hope everyone is having a good day!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Earth Day

Back in High School( many years ago) we celebrated Earth Day. This was something new for everyone and Mother Earth. What a great idea! Ever since then I try to do my best not to waste anything.

Recycle Reuse thats my motto. Save rain water to water plants, never ever litter, plant a plant( or tree or flowers) plant a garden, feed the birds, walk, ride a bicycle, the list goes on.
SMALL things that we can incorporate into our daily living and make a BIG difference.

Take a look around and see what you can do to help Mother Earth stay healthy.... everyday!

Have a Great Day !

Monday, April 20, 2009

Sun Shiney Day!

Today is sunny with a cool gentle breeze. It is in the upper 80's. My kind of weather. I love it.

Today on our crazytrain ride on artfire our featured shop is shineyyourhineysoap. Yup thats right shiney your hiney. She makes lots of soaps,lotions so much. Here is her category list

I spent a long time looking at her "stuff". Yummy looking soaps and lotions.

Doesnt this look delicious!!??
Refreshing, especially right now with this nice weather I am having this soap really caught my attention.
This mitt is just too cute. What kid wouldnt want to wash up!!
To see more click here

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Beautiful Day!

Wow the last few days have been cold and VERY WINDY. Today the sun is out, a slight breeze and very warm. We are suppose to have nice weather all week. I dont like the cold so this good weather makes me happy. I am planning to take my mom out and we will enjoy the sunshine.

About every other day I will try and blog about a seller from Artfire. Each time it will be someone different. Should be fun. I love to look at other peoples "stuff". I find it interesting what people can create, the different ideas that we all come up with. Possibilities are endless.

Today is about. djstoreroom. She has some cute pouches, mirrors, frames, purses. To top it off she is offering free shipping and free insurance! She even has a tutorial. It is a fun site to visit.

This is one of her frames. Some are mirrors and some just for pictures.. I like the looks of this, very soft. It would look nice in a baby or tots room.

She also paints, which of course caught my attention!! : ) I love the colors in this picture.
This is just a couple of her items. take a look for yourself at
Well I am off to enjoy the sunshine. I hope all of you have a wonderful day!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fabric Yoyos

Alexis and Ashley ages 10 and 8 with fabric yoyos.

My two granddaughters spent the night last night and this morning we started out with Alexis making breakfast.(she made scrambeled eggs and toast!!) Then we cleaned up and went into the living room and made fabric yoyos. They talked about what they can make with all the yoyos once we have a whole bunch of them. We have great ideas on what to do with them. That task will be done tomorrow. (Yes they are spending the night again). They want to make things so they can sell them in my shops on Etsy and Artfire!! : ) ; )

So the first thing was to pick out the material and colors...big decision. These are the 4 fabrics and colors they settled on

Cotton material which we preshrunk.Grandma did the ironing.

Then on to the circle. Awhile back I taught Alexis how to make the fabric yoyos and each time she makes one she gets better. Ashley is still in the "learning" process but she too gets better with each new yoyo.

The sewing part. Funny thing is, I love to sew, embroider, cross stitch ..BUT...I hate to Hem! I dont know why that is but I just dont like to do it. Yet I find sewing these YoYos very relaxing! Alexis and Ashley are getting more comfortable with the needle and thread thing!

Tomorrow we hope to start making the projects with our fabric yoyos. Tomorrow is also the first day of the local Spring Arts Festival, we may go and check that out. So as my granddaughters said. "Thats ok Grandma, if we dont finish tomorrow we can come back another day and make our stuff then". Hmmm another day with my granddaughters sounds like fun to me!!

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wine Bottle Stopper and Embossing Powder

I have been playing around with some craft products. Embossing powder, paint, and heat gun. Lol!! I do admit that at first I had more powder on me than my project but after awhile I did get the hang of it. This is something new to me and I did enjoy it and I liked the results.

After practicing on a few items I decided to make something for my etsy shop and my artfire shop.

I made some wine (or other bottle) bottle stoppers. One gold and the other is black with blue and purple sparkle. I sealed them with a water proof varnish to give it a (somewhat) smooth feel. Before varnishing it had a grainy feel to it. I am happy with the results.
Now I am going to play with my Ranger Melting Pot. I have used it before for melting wax, and soap but now I am going to try the Utee!!
I will let you know the results!!
Have a good day!

Monday, April 13, 2009


If you havent tried Artfire you should go and take a look at Tell them craftnique sent you!!.. My shop http://www.craftnique.artfire/

The staff is really good at answering questions, helping with problems. The forums are fun, friendly and interesting. I find myself reading and reading, its almost as if you are in a chat room.

Today I was browsing through some shops on Artfire and boy, there are a lot of nice things.

like this beautiful bracelet found in shop

Isnt it beautiful!! Of course there is more to look at but this one really caught my eye.

I could spend all day checking out the shops on artfire!

Thursday, April 9, 2009

finishing up

It is finished! Yeah!! Working on the saw is time consuming. Takes awhile for the paint to really dry.

I decided that the saw needed something more. It just looked to blah to me. So, I added small white flowers around the larger flowers and added a darker green to the trees. Now I am done. Tomorrow the customers will come and pick it up. I hope they like it.

I was featured in a blog the other day Meekiyu's Dream. It was a very pleasant surprise. It is good to know that people are really out there looking. Plus I was able to see meekiyus work and admired it. She does some awesome things so go check out her blog.
Well I better go and put the handles on the saw and clear my table for more "stuff".
Happy Creating!