Monday, April 12, 2010

Using what I have

I have sooo much stuff! I have wood shapes that I cut with my scroll saw, picture frames, glass plates and jars, fabrics, wood candlesticks etc etc. All of it is hiding in bins, and on  shelves in my craftroom and my little storage room out back!
I decided I am going to use it up or give it away! So, I grabbed a couple wooden picture frames and painted them. Then I painted two glass plates, and a glass salt and pepper set all in 2 days! Feels good to be able to create and clear things out.
..... be able to get it done! : )


Tina Holden said...

You did a lovely job with this frame.

A lot of us artistic folks are in the same boat. I feel the same way...too much stuff. I have to keep tidying up my studio so I don't get buried. And what thing I know ...I need more cutters, more textures, more Crafting is a prolific thing.
I keep thinking I need to place an order for this and that, but lately I've been doing quite with what I have, but I'll really need to order when I run out of polymer clay, lol

Craftnique said...

Thank you Tina.
LOL. At least we can close the door...for awhile anyway!!

Hali said...

I have a little gift for you on my blog. You've been chosen for the Sunshine Award

Have a nice day ^_^

Pretty Things said...

I love the colors, and the roses at the top really pulled it all together!