Wednesday, July 28, 2010

alcohol inks

The other day I was using alcohol inks on a piece of tin. I have used the inks on paper, and glass but not tin. While trying this method I thought "I probably could make the alcohol ink myself." I knew it was possible.
If you have ever bought these in the store they run about $10.00 for 3 small bottles
SO I searched the internet and found blogs and chat forums full of information on how to make your own alcohol inks. Just go to google and you will be surprised at how many sites pop up on this subject.

I found the easiest method is to use Rit Liquid Dye and 90% rubbing alcohol.

Keep your homemade alcohol ink in a baby food jar, film cannister ( we crafters save everything), prescription jar/bottle (all empty and clean of course!!)

Depending on how dark/light of the color you want and depending on the size of the container you are using, start out with about 2 tablespoons liquid dye into the container and then fill with the rubbing alcohol. Lightly shake until mixed.

  I took an empty prescription bottle, placed a piece of sticky back velcro on bottom. From a piece of felt I cut pieces the same size as the velcro.  Attach the felt and you can stamp away.... I keep the extra pieces of felt in the bottle.

Note: You can use the powder dye but it leaves a grainy residue....which you might like that look.

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Linda said...

Thanks for the GREAT hint..........I will have to try that!