Monday, September 27, 2010

Native American Indian

I finished the Kneeling Indian and... as I posted on my blog over at the Hive... I wasnt sure about the "shine"  I didnt want to use a gloss finish so I used a satin finish but it still came out a bit shiny. My family liked it. The actual person to decide is the lady that bought him and she was very happy with it. For some reason (which I think was the flash on my camera) he is not as shiny as this picture shows. Also he has a lot of parts that show a shadow when I move him around. LOL in this photo I see a spot on his thigh. I couldnt find it anywhere on him, then realized it was a shadow and showed up in the picture!!! 
I am so glad that my friend Claudia taught me how to paint on ceramics using acrylic paint. Thank you Claudia!!

Here are before and after photos.

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al said...

Great Job on the Sculpture. Stopping by fron Cool 2 Craft