Monday, December 20, 2010


Busy busy busy. I shouldnt has been a "good" busy. I did well at the Craft Bazaar and I got a few orders. I finished the last set of orders yesterday.
One of the orders was to paint a huge saw..a lake, trees,deer etc. While painting the saw I hit my knuckle on the blade edge..ouch!
 I painted some wine glasses, 4 of them. I dont use enamel paint often so I had to get "use" to it.  Sure is different!

I need to go and finish some last minute shopping with my mom and it is pouring rain!!! I do not like to drive in the rain but I will do it for my mom though!..

I have plans for the New Year with my blog, online shops and creativity etc. etc. This year has been rough, and I had to slow things down, way down. NOW everything is going good, back into the swing of things and I am ready!!!

 I wish all a very Merry Christmas!

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