Thursday, March 3, 2011

Fabric Art Collage Book

Fabric Art Collage by  Rebekah Meier. 
C&T Publishing

I thought I would take a look at this book because I have always been interested in fabric,collage and art. After reading it...I am hooked. I cant wait to get started.

This is a  good introduction to mixed media work.

It is an instructional book with techniques, from Stamping to Distressing to Texture.
There is a Tools and Supplies list a Materials list..... all  that are clearly described and photos of each!!

Nine Sections in all!!

Rebekah gives examples and ideas for using each technique as well as combining various techniques to produce a finished piece.The finished pieces can be used in cardmaking,jewelry, and more.

She works with a wide variety of  Fabrics,Threads, Fibers, Paper and Oh!!  Paper Buttons!!!   You will find that  in the embellishments section!

I would recommend this book.

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Linda said...

can't wait to see some of your projects. I love to look, have ideas, but can't find the time to do it. Maybe I should think "Just do it" like Nike???? have fun!