Thursday, March 15, 2012

Baby Wipe Flowers

I have a lot of colorful dry baby wipes. Yes baby wipes. I use them to wipe  paint  from brushes, my craft table, stamps, markers etc.. When I am done  I lay them flat and let them dry, then I put them in a basket and save them for future use.

Yesterday I made some flowers..Some came out pretty,  some blah and some didnt come out at all.
 I thought I got a picture of my finished scallops but didnt        
I did get a  'before'  picture of them.  See below.
 I also made a spiral type that look like roses.  The material ( baby wipe) is very thin to work with and at times I thought I was going to tear it. The finished flower is very delicate and soft looking. 

I have a lot of felt so I think I will make some more flowers!! : )
(remember I love flowers!!)

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