Tuesday, April 24, 2012

My daughter's Wedding

 My daughter Charlotte was married on April 7th. I must admit everything was perfect. We had so much fun. Her God Father performed the ceremony which really made it Special.
This is Charlottes second marriage and Roberts first.  She wore a champaign colored dress and the Groom and his Groomsmen vests matched the Sash on her dress.
 Charlotte and Robert planned and paid for the entire wedding!!! Charlotte even made the bouquets!
 (I made the Reserved Table Cards and Card Box and the Bridal Shower Invitations but that was it!)
Here is a sample of one of the placecards I made before I wrote the family names and the cupcake flavors.

My sister- in- law took these photos. We are waiting for the Professional Photos to arrive but in the meantime I wanted to share.

This is the father daughter dance.

Roberts dad took this photo. So Cool!  Robert is in the middle(of course). On the far right is our youngest son Erik

Like I said "It was PERFECT!!"


Jennifer said...

Very sweet! Congrats to you an your daughter =)


Linda said...

Beautiful girl! Glad you had such a nice day. Isn't it nice when the couple are adults and take care of their own wedding?? My daughter did the same.

Craftnique said...

Thank you Jenn and Linda!

boopnut said...

What a lovely bride and lovely dress! Where is a picture of YOU?

Craftnique said...

Thank you Deb.
I didnt have any pictures of me. Maybe when the other pictures arrive..maybe :)