Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Puppy sitting

We had the chance to "puppy sit" our Son and DIL 's little puppy, Mia Bella. Instead of leaving her in a Kennel they asked if we would watch her for 4 days.  She is such a cutie and loves to play. I am worn out LOL.  She is very well behaved and well trained so she really wasn't any trouble..just loves to play...didn't I already say that!!!???!!!

 She loves "Gramma and Grandpa" and is always happy to see us when we visit. They live about 5 hours north of here and were heading 5 hours south of here. When they come here to visit as soon as we open the door she runs towards us and jumps as high as she can. Such a little character.

We have a big back yard and she loved being outside. She would run in circles as fast as she could go. It was so funny to watch her go. She is not very big, she almost blended with the ground. As soon as you came in the house....there she was with one of her toys, which by-the-way she hid in her kennel under her blanket!!

 She is a mix of Maltese and Chihauhua.

She is now home and our house is quiet.

I mean really, how can you resist this little face,

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boopnut said...

Oh, I wouldn't mind puppy sitting that little one, but your son and daughter in law might not get her back!