Monday, January 26, 2009

Back to class

Well tonight I go back to my Tole painting class.I cant wait to see what we will be painting this quarter. I go for the motivation, getting together with friends and I always learn something new. I usually attend the Winter and Spring Quarters.

A long time ago in elementary school I was told by a teacher that I cant paint. So I didnt paint.

Our local college offers free classes. I kept thinking I should try but then I would remember what the teacher told me so long ago...I didnt sign up. Then in 1998 a friend and I decided to sign up together. My first class I told the teacher, Katie Costa "I cant paint like that" She said "yes you can". She said "Its like writing with a pencil the first time. You have to practice, practice practice".
I love to paint. Not only did I find something I enjoy doing I also found out that I can paint.
I enjoy this class so much. I have made some great friends.

It takes a great teacher like Katie to remind you "yes you can".

The snowman picture was from my first quarter of Tole Painting Class. I display him every Christmas.

Now I better go and check to see if I have all my art supplies ready for class.

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Karrie said...

Oh, I would love it if someone would put on free art classes!! I love to draw and paint but I never took anything to see if I could get my true colors to come out if there were any. Good Luck!!