Monday, March 30, 2009

wood saw

Finally. I was able to work on the saw yesterday. I basecoated the main design. I was pretty much "into" painting when I had to stop because of poor lighting. I am painting in my patio room. Nice during the day, the sun shines through and the room is bright. Evening the lighting is not very good for painting.

Today we had nice weather and I was in the mood to finish painting so I gathered up my supplies went out in the patio room and started painting. I finished! Well, almost finished. I have to let it sit overnight to dry and then I will varnish the whole thing and then put the wooden handles back on and then I will be finished.

The theme is Northern California, Humboldt University, Trees and California State Flower... Poppies and the names of thier daughter and her significant other. I hope they like it.

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