Wednesday, July 22, 2009


Today I had my first sale on Artfire! Yeah!! Doin the happy dance!! Not only was that exciting, turns out the buyer has a unique talent herself!
I sent her an email thanking her and letting her know her item was shipped. She responded right away with kind words and at the bottom were 2 links.
One to her artfire shop
Bonnie's Jewelry on Artfire which is run by her and her 2 sisters as she says in her bio:

"About our shop name: Barb, Elizabeth, and Bonnie (the one who answers any of the questions you might have.) = BEBs Treasures = Items that are cherished and/or deemed valuable BEBs Treasures = Cherished items from we 3 sisters."

They also have a shop on Etsy with the same name. I was looking at the items on Artfire ( I still have to go and look on Etsy!!). There are some beautiful items in their Artfire shop. They really do nice work.

Now getting back to unique talent, she signed her name "Bonnie the Balloon Lady"...What? Balloon Lady?? HMMM.....................
The second link was
Bonnie's Balloon Portfolio

Well..I had to click on that link and OMG!! Some amazing balloons. I have seen twisting and turning balloons into shapes but these are fantastic. YOU HAVE to go and look! She is a Professional.
I cant copy paste the pictures to show on my blog because of copyright. Besides, there are too many that I like....Mickey Mouse, Sponge Bob and more....many more. Oh and then there is face painting...awesome. Bonnie or Balloon Lady...entertains at family restaurants and family events. If you live in the Pocahontas Ar. area you can book her for an event or check her out in person. She lists where and when on her Portfolio site. Just take a look at her amazing work, let your kids and grandkids look too..they will love it.
Let me know what you think!
Have a great day!
Hermy ( Craftnique)

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