Thursday, September 10, 2009


Donner Lake Truckee River

We had a great time on our vacation. We visited family and friends, old neighborhoods, it was great! We traveled to Sacramento, Reno, Virginia City, Auburn, San Jose, Gilroy and King City. The weather was hot but we loved it!

Interesting to see the changes in each city/town. All for the good too! We took our bicycles and rode them when we could. So nice and peaceful when you just "cruise" along on a bike through the streets and parks. At my sisters, I was riding down hill so fast, I felt like a kid WOO HOO!!. THEN I had to ride uphill to get back to her house..a reminder that I was no longer a kid!! LOL

Took my new camera along on our trip. Took some pretty good pictures, easy to carry along. I really liked it. Now the darn thing keeps blinking that I need to replace the batteries...put new batteries in and still blinking! Yup going to return it! I still have the rec"t etc.

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