Sunday, August 16, 2009

My Camera

My Camera, my first digital camera. Bulky yes, heavy yes but I love it.
It is slowly not working anymore and I am having a hard time parting with it. My husband keeps saying "get a new one"(probaby tired of hearing me complain about it LOL)
I had to have it fixed a few months ago,it was a recall and fixed for free.
Now the batteries wear down quickly. I have to take the batteries out as soon as I am finished using it. That means no sudden "gotta get that" picture. LOL by the time I get the batteries in the object is gone. Now its new thing is... I will get ready to take a picture shuts down!!!

I did find a camera that I like, price is good, has more megapixels and zoom than my "old" camera. I should just go and buy it!!!

The funny thing is that the camera I like is the same brand as my old one (canon) but is smaller and cost less than my old camera did!

We are taking off for a few days and I will need a new camera...Ok..I will buy a new one..I can STILL take some pictures with the old one right??

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