Saturday, January 30, 2010

I love to recycle!

Recycled cereal boxes

I love to recycle and reuse. I am known to save things for future use. I do have a place for everything so nothing is piled up. My family will ask "do you want this?" If I dont, it goes into the recycling bin not the trash.

I love to save cereal boxes, fruit snack boxes etc and reuse them in place of chipboard or just to practice painting on. The insides have a nice smooth surface.
I also cut them into various shapes and paint or embellish them. . So many uses for them.
Another thing is jars, glass and plastic. I love to paint on them. Especially the Mayonaisse and Ragu jars. My friends save them for me (and they save thier used many things you can do with those!)
I spray paint the jars and let them sit for a few days before using my regular acrylic paints. This way the paint wont chip or rub off. If I want the jar clear then I use glass paint like folk art enamel and bake in the oven.
The two "treasures" jars are plastic mayo jars. Great for little ones to store thier found treasures in.
(can be found on  and )
I am always coming up with ideas to reuse items we would normally throw out. I actually enjoy trying to figure out what to do with it(used item) and the final results.
I have been doing this for years and I am so happy that I am not the only one!


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