Thursday, February 11, 2010


I am having fun recycling cereal boxes. I have cut out hearts, bookmarks, flowers etc. etc. They can be used for cards, scrapbooks, journals endless possibilities. As I said in my previous blog I am painting and embossing the various shapes.

 I tried acrylic paint and then applied Utee which worked out ok but I wasnt to thrilled with the look.  
Then I tried using Fabric paint (which is thicker). I really liked the results.

I did this bookmark with fabric paint and Utee.

I used black paint and a mix of black and copper Utee for this bookmark. 

Apply the paint over the entire piece, while paint is still wet  pour the Utee over the entire piece.
Carefully pick up the piece with tweezers and shake off the excess.
Set aside and let paint dry.
Once the paint is dry use a heat gun and melt the Utee. Make sure not to keep the heat gun in one spot, move the heat gun around in small circles.

Like I said....I am having fun recycling!

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