Sunday, March 28, 2010

Bows from Recycled Magazine Pages

 Making Bows from Recycled Magazine Pages. 

I remember making these when I was a little girl. My mom and my Oma taught me how to make them. We would paint the tips or add glitter. I loved them. You can use old magazines, new or used wrapping paper etc.
 I decided to try making some...and again....I love it!! : )

You can use brads but....
..... I used glue because ( thats the way I learned how to do it) I dont like the way the bow feels with the brads...just my opinion.
(You can try the brads. If you do you need to use a small hole punch and punch in the center of the folded paper. Put the brad inside and then fold and thread each peice.)

To use glue...
depending on size of bow cut magazine page into strips. I cut one inch strips

Then take one end fold towards center and glue

Do the same thing with the other end
(Use small amount of glue)

Continue with all the strips of paper. Then take each folded strip and glue them on top of each other until you have the bow complete, let dry


Linda said...

I love this idea!!! thanks for all the hints, tips, and ideas.

boopnut said...

This is so cool! I gotta try it. Wrapping paper odds and ends would be good too.

Marta Hoelscher said...

oh what a great idea!!!

azcarmela said...

Good idea! Used to do this as a kid, too. We used to spray paint them red, white, blue. Happy 4th of July!