Saturday, March 6, 2010

My New CD

I was watching the Opening Ceremonies for the Olympics.
To my surprise.. there she was... k.d. Lang singing one of my favorite songs "Hallelujah". Not only do I like the song but I like k.d.Lang. She can sing anything! Such a beautiful voice.So then and there I decided I was going to buy her CD with her version of Hallelujah.

I had a hard time finding her CD! Not one store carried it.
For the next few days I listened to it on you tube. ( I dont have an ipod)

My husband and I planned to go to Santa Maria....surely I will find her CD! Santa Maria is a big town,lots of Stores,Shopping Centers.

Not one store had the k.d.Lang CD I wanted! We went to quite a few stores. One clerk said they could order it for me but I live 30 miles away so I said no.

After hours of searching I told my husband I need a cup of coffee. He said "there's a StarBucks over there". I normally dont drink their coffee but I do like their Cafe Mocha so I said "yeah...ok". My husband doesnt like drive thrus so we went inside.

I ordered my mocha, paid and then waited.
I was quietly standing there ,waiting for my Mocha....then... I noticed this small picture...I looked at it, then I got right up to it and...its k.d.Lang! I am thinking to myself "Is this a CD? Its in a very small package". I pick it up look at it and very loudly and excitedly asked the clerk (my husband said I was yelling!!) Is this a CD???? The clerk looked at me and very slowly (LOL) said "yes mam, that is a CD".  : )

It was the last one!

I bought it!

 It has all her hit songs and my song... Hallelujah!!!


Who would have thought! Star Bucks! I bought my CD at Star Bucks!


Linda said...

Cool! Isn't it funny how life happens?????

Craftnique said...

Always a surprise waiting somewhere!