Thursday, May 6, 2010


I learned something new!
I am addicted!

These small artists cards are so much fun. I have been looking at them online for a long time and finally had an "aha" moment and thought "I can do this"!
 It is great because you can do whatever....paint,collage,stamp,polymer clay etc etc or all of it combined!!! Since I like a variety of crafts this is perfect. (Actually it is a great excuse to not get rid of anything because now I might need it!!)
I have the Cricut Ex. so I cut out my own cards,and envelopes. I use water color paper, cardstock,chipboard,cardboard you name it. Some people even use regular playing cards!  The only rule is the size.

I went on google and typed ATC cards.

there are great sites to get you started. Here are a few:

They really are fun. You can trade them ATC or sell them ACEO.
This is my first one, I handpainted this. The second is a combination of handpainting and collage

If you havent tried this you should. So much fun

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Linda said...

LOVE the drama queen with the ticket........good imagination.