Monday, June 7, 2010

more atc/aceo's

Well, my last blog was about my new addiction...ATC and ACEO. I have joined 2 groups for trading once a month. Just started and am excited silly!
 My 12 year old granddaughter is now making them and she has made some really cute ATC/ACEO's. I will have to take some pictures of her work.  I have also introduced this art to a couple of friends and yes...they are now "hooked" on it too!
I listed 3 on my etsy site and one sold within 5 minutes!!!
I am now thinking of making a large frame to display the cards I recieve in my trades. Or maybe just an album so people can know the coffee table kinda thing.

This one I cut a picture an angel for the background,glued some tissue paper around the edge, painted some shadows here and there and then embossed with UTEE. It is Titled
Angel Out My Window.
This one is titled Purple Hydrangea, it is the one I sold. I am painting a series of them and will list more as I finish. I have Hydrangeas growing in my backyard. They are HUGE., so pretty...They are one of my favorite flowers. I cut them and put them in vases all over my house. So I decide to paint some on ATC/ACEO's

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