Monday, June 4, 2012

Traveling on the Interstate!!

On the 10th of May my husband , my mom and I took off in moms chrysler for Reno to attend my Great Niece's wedding on the 11th.( We took moms car because we thought it would be easier for her to get in and out of the car...we have a truck). On Hiway 5... in middle of nowhere land  the car made a loud noise ,started smoking and just stopped!  .
Called AAA,  and after a couple of hours and a few BIG TRUCKS zooming by the tow truck arrived.( a couple of cars did stop and people offered to help or  they offered water, which was nice)
Once we all got into the tow truck the driver made a U turn on the freeway (I mean it.... we were in the middle of nowhere land) We arrive at the only garage in a very small town . Its closed...luckily the mechanic was sitting in his car and saw the tow truck. He came over and took the information etc. Tow truck driver says he isnt leaving us in the middle of nowhere (It is late and very dark outside) so he takes us to the only Hotel/motel in town.... no vacancy. So he takes us to a Mexican restaurant  nearby that is still open and lets us out  after making sure that my son  2 1/2 hrs away (closest person to where we were) is coming to pick us up. At the restaurant ( food was excellant BTW) the waitress and the owner made us very comfortable, let us put our suitcases safely away, charge my cell phone. Well.. they close at 9 pm my son is still an hour and a half away. Waitress didnt want us to sit on bench outside she takes us to her house around the corner and there we waited for my son. Her whole family was so nice. We became friends with them and actually had a good time! It was instant friendship.When my son arrived they told him to sit and relax before we head out.
We finally arrived at my sons house at 1:30 in the morning. On Sat my son, his fiance, mom, my husband and I took off to my sister's home in Reno.
  Three  weeks later the car is still in the shop, 2 cracked heads and waterpump.It is too far from home to have it towed so.... we rented a car in Reno and drove home.
.....oh and the rental....  An hour and a half from Reno we noticed  a nail in the front tire,  so we got it fixed at a well known tire place. An hour later we  stopped to get gas and we noticed  that the same nail is still in the tire!!  Husband called the tire place.. and "oops, forgot to take the nail out"!! We just drove home with the nail. WE WERE GOING TO GO HOME!!
Its not funny but it is!!

Must look at it this way.... a bad thing became a good thing...made friends with wonderful people,   My brother in law had just got home from the hospital so I was able to help him and my sister during our stay, spent good quality time with family, My mom really enjoyed her visit with my sister, brother in law and grandkids (first time she has been away from home in years ). So as they say
 " God has a reason"

Now that I am back I need to get going with Stampin up. I didnt bring any of my craft "stuff" with me because 'we would only be gone for a few days!'
 The new catalog came out June 1 and is in English and Spanish. I ordered a few so if you would like a copy let me know and I will send one to you.Or you can see the catalog on my site.

 Oh and by the way.....we missed the wedding!! 


Linda said...

What a story, I am so glad you meet some wonderful people helped you. There are good people in the world. and yes, I believe bad things can turn to good things.

Craftnique said...

Yes there are a lot of nice people in the world!

boopnut said...

What a wonderful thing came out of something that could have made anyone else all upset. Good for you!