Tuesday, September 18, 2012

Old Town Sacramento Civil War Soldiers

For as long as I can remember I love anything related to the Civil War Era. Books, magazines, pictures, movies. I even have a Civil War Trading Card Collection. It isnt just the War itself that I find interesting  it's the way of life, the true story of real people. History! I dont understand how brother could fight against brother. Both my Great- Great Grandfathers fought...against each other only to become friends later in life! What can I say... I find the whole thing fasinating, I really do.

While walking around Old Town we decided we needed a break. It was getting hot so my family and I decdided to sit down and have an ice cream...mmm.
While we were enjoying our treats...I saw them! Northern Soldiers on horses coming towards us!!
OMG!! They pulled up next to us, got off their horses and walked up onto the sidewalk!! Was I happy??? Oh yeah!!!  REAL Soldiers from the Civil War!!!  ; )
I asked if I could have my picture taken with them.They said "You sure can" So I ended up with quite a few.  My son Erik said " My momma is so happy right now!"

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Old Town

My husband and I have been traveling since Aug 1. We have been as far south as Oxnard,Ca. all the way up to Marysville Ca. and then over to Reno Nevada. The weather has been great. Hot days and warm evenings...my bones love this. I dont do well in cold weather.
 We have been to a Luau, Surprise Birthday Party, a Family Reunion, and visiting friends and family that we havent seen in a long time. Visiting old Historical towns and museums of all sorts.

One stop was at Old Town Sacramento Gold Rush Days. We saw Old fashioned trains, stage coaches, Civil War Soldiers ( more on that next blog!!) we walked along the River/Delta, walked on a Riverboat and sooo much more.

This Riverboat is a hotel!  Can you imagine what life was like traveling along the River!!  I would be happy. Such  peaceful surroundings.

Then we saw "REAL" cowboys and gunslingers!!
A shootout that nearly scared the you know what out of us!!
We saw men and women walking around in the dress of the 1800"s it made us wonder  how the people survived in the heat with the clothes they wore during that era.. Whew! Hot!!

more pictures coming soon of our day in Old town Sacramento!


Tuesday, September 4, 2012

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