Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Walking and walking and walking...

I usually walk around the neighborhood on nice days, I dont walk on cold and windy rainy days. So... we bought a treadmill and yes it is great, I do "feel" it afterwards and it is nice to read my pulse rate,how many steps, miles etc. It is convenient but....It is boring. I couldnt stop to pick up that rock that I might want to paint on, I couldnt pick the flower that I could put in my flower press or pick up that big leaf on the ground. So my choice is.. A quick 30 minute walk or a slow pace 30 minute forgot to bring a bag to carry my stuff in walk. HMM. Well at least I have a choice! LOL

I joined 2 Guilds on Artfire. I am really excited about it. I have never been in a Guild. One Guild is WEST COAST CRAFTERS and the other is ARTFIRE GOURD ARTIST'S GUILD. Very interesting. They are both new Guilds. Stop on by and check them out at www.artfire.com

Went to my second art class last night. Boy did we have fun. We painted rosebuds and daisies.
It is so fun to see the results of everyones work. We all did good!! Our teacher (Katie Costa) will sit down at a table and demonstrate, we all sit or stand and watch. The "secret" is to have her demonstrate on your project, then you take it home and can see how to do it!!! Ahh but Katie is getting wise to us painters, she now demonstrates on paper or cardboard. She wants us to learn and to practice. Here is a tip..to practice painting. Open up an empty cereal box and practice on the inside. The surface is perfect for painting, drawing etc. Plus you are recycling.
Ok I am off to practice my rose buds and daisies.
I put some new stuff (and will be adding more hopefully in a day or two) in my shops. Check them out at www.craftnique.etsy.com and www.craftnique.artfire.com
until next time...

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ThreadBeaur said...

I know what you mean about exercising inside. It is not as fun to be cooped up inside. Here it is cold a lot, so I have to ride my bike in the basement 6 months out of the year.