Thursday, November 5, 2009

New items

I just listed this large clothespin Note clip in my Etsy and Artfire shops.
This would be a cute gift for a teacher.
My youngest daughter is a teacher and she needs gifts to give for her fellow teachers/friends. I painted this design on the clothespin and she liked this ...I wonder if Santa ordered one for her to place on her desk?
Artfire Crazy Train Rider for today is
she says " I sew athletic wear for fun and function. To that end, the best fabric available is used, and all seams are finished. Customize your shorts or leggings! It's great fun."
She also has a variety of other items in her shop. Stop by and see what she has.
I take care of a 3 year old during the day. He calls my Craft Room "Gramma's work" Every now and then he will say "Gramma lets go to your work". Today we went to "my work" and he said I needed to clean it up so he helped me clean my "work". He put my paints away. Right now he is taking his nap so I think I will go to my "work" and put the paints where they should be ( I keep them in order of color) and maybe get some painting done!!

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