Friday, October 30, 2009

so many ideas

Yesterday I came up with so many ideas to craft, to paint etc. etc. I would start on one then go to another and on and on. By afternoon I finally just stopped. Nothing was done but a lot was started!! LOL.
Now my craft room has unfinished projects.....oh well...nothing new!! I will get it done.
I did write down my ideas so when I do get back to these projects I will know what I am doing ( I hope!).

When I decided to just stop I went on the internet.
Ha...I went on Etsy and Artfire Forums just to read.....I learned soooo much!!

The forums are so helpful.

I learned how to shorten my username for my Facebook fan page. That really made me happy because I didnt like having all those letters and numbers.
I left my Homepage as is but I needed to adjust my Fan Page.

If you have a Fan Page and you are wanting to do the same, click here.

The question was asked by

This answer came from

I also learned how to put a facebook widget here on my blog.
On Artfire you can import your etsy items to your shop..learned how to do that!
On Artfire I learned how to use my blog in my shop...need to get that started.
Like I said....I learned a lot!

Now I must enter ~~~the craftroom~~ ~ and see if I can finish what I started!!

Happy Friday everyone!

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