Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pretty Yellow Daffodils

We sure have had some heavy rain the last few weeks. Non stop pouring rain. Can't complain though... our State needed the rain. The Lakes were getting lower and lower each year. Rivers were dry, the Dams were low.
 Inbetween the rainfall we do get a few days of sunshine, even had temperatures in the 70's last week! I like it when it stops for a few the ground a chance to soak it all up before the next downpour. Only problem is you dont know what to wear one day to the next.LOL.  Yesterday was cold, gray and rain. Today...the sun is out a small breeze and a bit cool.

This morning I opened the curtains in the back bedroom and found these beautiful daffodils!

I went outside and looked around the yard and found several more daffodils that popped up. So pretty

Our Lemon tree,which has lemons year round is full of bright yellow lemons. Our orange tree is full too.

Mother Nature takes care of her own.

When I see the beauty of the trees and flowers I guess I shouldnt complain about the rain!!

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