Saturday, June 19, 2010 great shop!

About a year ago I made a bracelet using 2 hole sliders. I loved it. I decided to make another one for myself and make some more for gifts. I went back to the store where I purchased the was gone!! I was so bummed. I only bought enough for the bracelet not knowing if I would like it.  There were no "warning" signs that they were closing down. They didnt move to a new location either.GONE!
So I searched the internet..nope..oh there were sliders but not the kind I wanted or needed. They were plain.
So I put it in the back of my mind and went on with other things.....
A few weeks ago I joined a forum on Etsy...California ChitChat.  I like it, friendship, help, support. night I was not sleepy so I went to the forums, I started clicking on the shops to browse around and lo and behold...there they were..2 hole SLIDERS!!!!  OMG!!! lots of them, exactly what I was looking for!!!   To top it off her prices are great and affordable. I placed an order right this was late Sunday night...Mindielee responded right away and my package arrived Tuesday morning!!!!! Ok we dont live to far away from each other but still... it was quick!  Packaged nicely.  My husband said I looked like I was opening a christmas pkg!!! They were beautiful!
Just the other day Mindielee opened another shop, supplies only. I have bookmarked her shops. If you want quality items at an affordable price check out Her new shop is

I bought these.. 5 in the pkg! I also bought some in red and square shape.  I am one happy customer. : )


Only A Girl said...

Those are gorgeous. You're going to make a bracelet? I would be VERY interested to see the finished product!

crownring said...

Hi there!

Mindie was the very first person I bought from on Etsy and I have yet to find a more friendly and eager to please seller on the site. I feel very blessed that Mindie and I have become good friends in the months since that day. When recently asked to make a special pair of crystal earrings for a wedding, Mindie made no fewer than six different, yet equally gorgeous pairs for the bride to choose from! I doubt many jewelers who would go to such lengths to please a customer. But with Mindie, it's really all about making the customer happy, although financial success has its it is for any ETSY seller.

BTW, I found your blog through a search on Mindie's ETSY name. YAY!