Thursday, February 9, 2012


Yesterday my husband and I celebrated our anniversary..... we have been married 33 years but have been living together for 35 years so we always add that 2 years!
We went walking and enjoyed the (unusual) warm weather outdoors. We just hung out with each other all day. Later in the evening we went to El Toro Bronco for dinner. It was delicious. After dinner the server came out and gave us a dish of fried ice cream with the words "Happy Anniversary" written in chocolate syrup!   (The server overheard our conversation about our anniversary when she came to take our order). That was a nice surprise!  Fried Ice cream tasted like apple pie with ice cream, whip cream and chocolate syrup! It was soooo yummy.
I got some pretty roses and a card and he got his favorite..a HUGE bag of Hershey kisses with almonds packed in a SF 49er bag  and a handmade card!

It really was a nice Anniversary.

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boopnut said...

Belated Happy Anniversary. Sounds like a beautiful day!