Friday, February 20, 2009

Slow Day but a Good day

Our kitchen faucet had a bad leak, had to turn off the water for awhile. Finally got it fixed and a new faucet! Boy, habits are hard to break. All day I would go to the sink for water and then's turned off. Like when the power goes out and you try to turn on the lights!!!

I finished a few items to put in my shops etsy and artfire.

I made a round wine bottle stopper and matching wine glass charms. I used Polymer Clay and mixed green and translucent with a small amount of brown to mimic jade. Now that it is done...It looks like a big round lime!!! What do you think?Oh well it looks ok. It is a bit lighterin "person" than my picture and my camera flashed a few dots on the front. I have more pictures of it on
I tried to sort through some of my "stuff" last night. You know get rid of what I dont use....yeah right. I barely made a dent in my craft room. I will try again tonight but I believe it is hopeless. I have a hard time parting with my craft "stuff" You just never know when you need it. I found a few things that I havent used in a very long time but....I just couldnt let it go. I hope I am not the only one with this "problem". While typing this I realized I really dont want to go in there and instead....I think I will paint....oh yeah! I feel much better now.

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