Monday, February 16, 2009

Wow there is a big storm coming in. We have had rain on and off but this one is REALLY pouring. I took a picture out my back window just before it hit.This is west of my house, just over the mountain is the coast, Surf Beach and Vandenberg AFB I knew something was up because the birds were flying all over the place , and very fast! When it hit it rained so hard you couldnt see anything. Now it is tapering off. A good day to work on some crafts

I am almost done with a gourd that I am working on. AND..I have a few other things that I am finishing.

My crafting friend from Creative Home Arts Club has asked me to join facebook. I did and I am enjoying it so far. Cathy has some nice items at Catmacdesigns.etsy. Go and take a look.
Well off to my craft room.


babbler said...

I stumbled upon your blog and was so thrilled to see pictures of California with the approaching storm! I saw that I5 has snow over the pass. Toodles! Mrs. Slug

Craftnique said...

I dont live too close to I5 so no snow for me but I can see snow up in the mountains not too far from here.