Sunday, February 22, 2009

A little bit...

I did get some more sorting done in the craft room. I am amazed at all the "stuff" I had. What I decided to get rid of, I am planning to donate it to a local Senior Center. They need craft items. This way I wont feel too bad about parting with my "stuff" and it will be put to good use. Better than sitting in my closet or drawers.

Last month I got a new sewing machine. My other one was old and useless. I used my new machine once. Then today I needed to use it and guess what? It didnt work!! The Bobbin thread kept getting tangled, it wouldnt move and the digital display said " error... thread tangled"( Duh!). I did what the manual said to do...twice and it still didnt work. So tomorrow I will put it back in the box, I still have the reciept and I am taking it back!! So bummed. : (

We Love Artfire has a "Babyboomers Club" I was asked to join the other day. I looked it over, liked what I saw and decided to join. What is really nice about it is.......there are a lot of us "babyboomers" out there. So far we have 47 members!!
You can take a look at

It is getting late so I will sign off for now.

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esque said...

That's a bummer about your new machine! Hopefully you can exchange it for one that works!!