Thursday, April 16, 2009

Fabric Yoyos

Alexis and Ashley ages 10 and 8 with fabric yoyos.

My two granddaughters spent the night last night and this morning we started out with Alexis making breakfast.(she made scrambeled eggs and toast!!) Then we cleaned up and went into the living room and made fabric yoyos. They talked about what they can make with all the yoyos once we have a whole bunch of them. We have great ideas on what to do with them. That task will be done tomorrow. (Yes they are spending the night again). They want to make things so they can sell them in my shops on Etsy and Artfire!! : ) ; )

So the first thing was to pick out the material and colors...big decision. These are the 4 fabrics and colors they settled on

Cotton material which we preshrunk.Grandma did the ironing.

Then on to the circle. Awhile back I taught Alexis how to make the fabric yoyos and each time she makes one she gets better. Ashley is still in the "learning" process but she too gets better with each new yoyo.

The sewing part. Funny thing is, I love to sew, embroider, cross stitch ..BUT...I hate to Hem! I dont know why that is but I just dont like to do it. Yet I find sewing these YoYos very relaxing! Alexis and Ashley are getting more comfortable with the needle and thread thing!

Tomorrow we hope to start making the projects with our fabric yoyos. Tomorrow is also the first day of the local Spring Arts Festival, we may go and check that out. So as my granddaughters said. "Thats ok Grandma, if we dont finish tomorrow we can come back another day and make our stuff then". Hmmm another day with my granddaughters sounds like fun to me!!

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