Sunday, January 9, 2011

How to make a scallop flower

I was asked  how I make my scallop flowers.
There are a variety of methods to making these here is my method.

You will need: card stock or any similar paper, a 1 inch round scallop punch, small brad, water in a spray bottle, and something to poke a small hole..tack, large needle,

Punch 8 round scallops

Lightly spary with water. Dont get them too wet . Then crumble each piece.
Let them sit for a couple of minutes. Then open each one carefully
Once open stack all 8 circles one on top of the other. Poke a hole in the center..depending on what you are using you may have to poke 2 at a time.

While still damp bring up top scallop and crunch towards center. Continue all the way to last at at time.

Squeeze all togther. Now open carefully each scallop until you have the desired look.

You can leave it or spray the flower with glimmer mist, paint, or add glitter etc.
I sprayed mine with a homemade glimmer mist

Glimmer mist is a small spray bottle filled 3/4 with water, a few drops of Pearl Medium and if you want color add a few drops of acrylic paint. Shake well and shake well before each use.

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boopnut said...

Oh, this is lovely! I can't wait to try this! I wonder if I have a scallop punch?