Saturday, October 17, 2009

Crazy Weather!!

We have had some crazy weather here on the Central Coast. Actually all of California from what I hear!

It was warm for a few days then cold then warm....never knew what to wear!

Friends came to visit and we had a bbq, the weather was nice. Next day it was overcast! The next day...the STORM hit and it hit the entire State. The rain wouldnt let up, poured and poured. I shouldnt complain...we need the rain. The wind was very windy.

That storm lasted 3 days and now it is in the 80's to 90's in some/most areas!! Hot! Beach weather and what am I doing??? Sitting in my craftroom painting! Yup sitting indoors!

Painting and painting,......................................

I will be the featured shop on the Crazy Train over on Artfire the 20th and 21st of Oct. (

I have craft shows coming up so I need a lot of items.

Here are a couple of items I painted for Fall/Halloween.

I think tomorrow I will take a break and enjoy the outdoors...I hope the weather stays nice.....

Have a great weekend!

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