Sunday, October 25, 2009

Ready to paint!

It seems as soon as Fall arrives I get the "painting bug". More so than any other time of the year! I think it's because I love snowmen, gingerbread, Oh heck~~~ I love the whole Holiday Season!

Getting started takes time,depending on what I am painting. Preparing the surface to get it ready to paint. Make sure I have all the supplies needed.
Then the base coating.
I like to paint more than one item at a time. This way while one is drying I can start on the other. Sometimes I will use a hairdryer on low to speed up the drying time. If I am using oil paint I use matte krylon and spray it on to dry.( Oil paints take a long time to dry even when using the Krylon) . Depending on time~~ sometimes I use both acrylic and oil paints on one project.

Here is a picture of two Nutcrackers that I am painting on a large clothespin. They are in the base coat stage.
Once the base coat is applied and dry I will shade in his face. From there I start to shade and highlight the rest of the nutcracker.
When I add the details my Nutcrackers come to "life".
It is always fun to see the results.
I let them dry completely before I apply Varnish.

Here is a picture of the finished piece.

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