Tuesday, October 20, 2009

helping each other

Well today is my turn on the artfire crazy train. www.craftnique.artfire.com
It is nice to help each other and promote our shops. This Crazy Train was started quite awhile ago and we have many riders. I think we have riders well into 2010. What is so nice about it is that everyone IS promoting. Either by blogging, tweeting, facebook, email, forums etc. You can tell by the increase in views. You know what? That is the way it should be. Helping each other.

It is on "a trust" thing but so far so good. Sometimes you cant promote for some reason or another aka: illness, vacation etc. but they(we) will come back. Some even make up for it by promoting more than one shop at a time to catch up.

Artfire Crazy Train was started by www.PicardCreative.artfire.com

I promote on my blog, email, craft forum and my Facebook page and I have a Facebook Business page http://www.facebook.com/pages/Lompoc-CA/craftnique/67095135775?ref=nf

I dont have a Twitter account. I dont know why I dont! (LOL). If you have one is it easy to use? Is it better or the same as Facebook?

This social internet stuff is addicting!!!

Have a great day!

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