Thursday, May 7, 2009

My Uncle, Jack Martin

Yesterday my Uncle Jack passed away. He died in his sleep which we all say "he died doing what he loved the most...napping."

He lived in West Virginia . He was my dads younger brother.I was fortunate enough to visit my dads side of the family every summer growing up and made a couple of visits as an adult. I have many wonderful happy memories of visiting Grandpa's farm and my relatives. My uncle was the last of my dads family to go.( Aunt, 2 uncles & my dad) (My dad died in 1994 of Lou Gerrigs disease or medically known as ALS). So... that family Chapter is now gone.

Uncle Jack was everybody's favorite. Loving, kind, a gentle giant. All the Martin girls from my older sister to my second cousins...we all were going to marry Uncle Jack.

The last few months he wasnt well and had some medical problems, I had planned on calling him today. I am going to my moms house and we had talked about calling him. She wanted to see how his Dr appt went and just to say hello.

I live near Vandenberg Air Force Base so whenever a rocket or missile goes up I try to get a picture of the event and send it to him, he loved that. Tuesday a Delta Rocket went up. I heard it rumbling, grabbed my camera and ran outside but the rocket had already disappeared . I did get some cool pictures and planned on sending them to Uncle Jack. Now they sit in my computer.
I decided I will post them here in honor of my wonderful sweet uncle. I will miss him. God Bless You Uncle Jack.

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