Sunday, May 3, 2009

Good sunday

Hi folks! Today I am finishing a few items that I started yesterday. My polymer clay and copper necklace. Also this bag hanger. Fits on a bar or table top so you can hang your purse.
I have also been working with gourds and polymer clay. I also made a few jewelry items for gifts. Always feels good when I get a few things done.

I have small gourds and tried to think what I could make other than the ususal ornament. I came up with a neat idea. It is baking in the oven but when I get it done I will post a picture. So stay tuned!! LOL

I hope to get a few items listed on and Probably wont get to it until this evening.

I should do it now but..... my gourd and polymer clay is baking.......

Over on Artfire the crazy train is still tootin along. Today is JanelsonArts . She does some beautiful lampwork. It amazes me how that works. All the shapes, colors and design just blend together by an artists skillful hand. There are quite a few that I like, I could fill this whole blog with pictures from her shop. Go and take a look

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