Monday, May 25, 2009

Moonstone Beach, Cambria, Calif.

Cambria : distinctive shops, art galleries and walking trails along Moonstone Beach.

We live just south of this small coastal town. It is a nice relaxing place to go for the day or weekend. On Sunday my daughter, granddaughters and 2 friends of ours decided to take a drive to Cambria and go to Moonstone Beach to collect Moonstones, Jade and Beach Glass.. which covers the entire beach area. No sand just these small stones everywhere! Moonstone Beach has a nice park with playground and swimming pool and then just beyond that is the beach. Not too far of a walk.

We brought along our buckets and shovels and started searching. Next time we will bring sifters, even though all the rocks were pretty we only wanted the jade, moonstones and beach glass.

The moonstones were clear and shimmered in the light. So pretty. The story I heard is that at night when the moon shines on these stones they shimmer and sparkle along the shoreline. Hmm.. that gives me an idea.. good excuse to rent a room at the Moonstone Inn which sits right on the beach!

The jade came in a variety of sizes and different shades of green. So pretty. All you could hear was "OOHH"AHHH" or "Gramma look at this one".So much fun!!!

The white rocks you see in the pictures are actually the clear moonstones. We only found the white to off white and clear stones. I have heard that some are blue but maybe not in this region.

We had such a wonderful relaxing day.

My daughter and her two little ones decided to walk further towards the cliff and found tons of beach glass. They also discovered the high tide and big waves. LOL they came back with a few piecesof glass and soaking wet! GOOD THING WE BROUGHT A CHANGE OF CLOTHES FOR EVERYONE!
The beach glass was smooth and frosty looking almost like a stone. It wasnt the warmest of days so they were wet and cold and in our excitement..we forgot to take a picture of the beach glass!!

Will have to remember to do that later.

We ended the day just sitting in the sun and deciding what we can make with our stones and glass..

What a great day we all had!

Cant wait to go back!!


GemKitty75 said...

Oh this looks like so much fun! I will have to map it out and plan a trip up there! Thanks for sharing.

Craftnique said...

It was a lot of fun. Now to try the other beaches around here!!