Wednesday, May 27, 2009


Ha! ha! I am still sorting Moonstones, jade, sea glass and other stones. I washed them first, laid them out on a tray than as I walk by I sort. I feel like I am doing a jig saw sits there and you work on it for awhile than on to something else. There are some pretty stones in there!! I am putting alike stones in jars and sea glass in a separate jar. Actually it is relaxing in a way....

Artfire has given us options to set up our shop pages. It is nice. It is like creating your own web page or blog page.. I worked on it a little yesterday. I plan on changing my banner but it will do for now. I choose green for my background color but will probably change that too. LOL It even allows you to put widgets from your etsy or whatever other shops you may have. You can see what I am talking about on my homepage

Todays featured shop from Artfire is ChantillyLace. She has a lot of pretty items in her shop. Hair accesories, jewelry. She works with pearls, lace and fabrics. A lot of vintage items used in her work. you can click on the link to see her shop/items. If you cant click on the link try this one. I know you will enjoy looking around her shop.

Have a great evening ! Until next time

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