Wednesday, May 13, 2009

been awhile

Well it has been a few days since I blogged. I have been busy with one thing or another. At first I thought this week would be slow, nothing marked on the calendar, no set plans etc. Good week for just "me " time
Ha.!!!. One appointment after another, then a few "mom can you" phone calls and its only Wednesday!!! Well maybe tomorrow I will not answer the phone (yeah right).
Over at Artfire the Crazy Train is chuggling along.
We have this cute crochet soapbag

You will find more at her shop

Then over on
The artists says:
"Always Get Too For One. Buy an item. Shop for another item OR ITEMS that equal the purchase price. Pay the shipping price ONLY if it weighs more than 13 oz. That's it. Have fun shopping! This is where you will find all my destash, and stuff that doesn't fit in my Alisun's Custom Crafted Jewelry store ("

At you will find some pendants, rings, and other unique items made from polymer clay.
Here is an example

Who knows?? Maybe you'll find that certain item you were looking for!!!

I think I will go and get some "me "time before the phone rings!! LOL

Until next time,
Hermy ( Craftnique)

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