Sunday, May 17, 2009

Baked artichokes...

My family and I love artichokes.
We live near a few artichoke fields so when we buy from the local Farmers Market or Roadside Stand we get really big artichokes for a great price. I usually boil them ,then we dip the leaves in butter or mayonaisse then eat till nothing left except the fuzzy stuff and scraped leaves!
That is our favorite( and only) way to eat them. Very easy and delicious.
Before boiling... I wash them, cut off the top portion and then with scissors cut the points off the leaves all around then I cut off the stem and rinse them really well.
A few years ago a friend said she always stuffs them with macaroni and cheese, we tried it but went back to the boiled method.
I love cookbooks, collecting and sharing recipes. The other day I found a recipe to bake artichokes ..hmmm sounds good.... Nope... Awful. Not the same. Plus it was a lot of work!
My husband and I decided that we will stick to the boiled method!

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The sun is out so I am going to go outside and get some vitamin D!!!
until next time..............


Anonymous said...

Yum! For the first time last summer I had a truly fresh artichoke fresh from a farm - delicious. I finally understood why they are are so prized.

Craftnique said...

Yes they are delicious. I think the medium size artichokes are better than the large to huge!